Spring Into the Palms


4/29/17 10:32 AM. Somewhere over Palm Springs, CA

This is a not only a photograph of a vast mountain side that displays the power of the Earth, but also shows the ingenuity of man. The helicopter is an amazing invention that I have gotten to experience for the first time in California. The sun kissed skin is to represent a time in my life where I am able to experience the south and have a good time in the sun. The color of the shorts show the culture of Palm Springs. The modern culture is represented with bright colors that are displayed all over town, as long as in homes. If you look closely you will be able to see my vein sticking out of my calf. This both shows the heat of the south (94 degrees Fahrenheit) and shows the stress of being 3,000 feet above the land. This picture perfectly displays how the world can be so peacefully, yet be so destructive.

What is actually happening in this picture is me trying to not hit the pilot’s steering stick. The awkwardly placed camera between my chest, arms flailing out of the side, and elongating my feet trying to look comfortable. This can be explained two ways… First, the extent a photographer will go to get a picture is really high. Two, this is known as a classic pose and people love these types of photos because of the excitement they create. Most people have never experienced a helicopter, which shows how exclusive this type of photo is and therefore is one of my favorites. It is actually for both of the reasons I stated, which can be explained by the experience I got from being able to capture the picture and the exclusivity of the shot. Overall, the picture was difficult to take, but well worth it.



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