Infinity Room

infinity room

March 23, 2017 This picture was taken around 3:00 pm just before the business stops letting people in, Which is why this room is completely empty. During the summer this room is filled with people looking over the edge trying to find the greatest view possible. This room is designed by Alex Jordan and is the fourteenth room that was created in The House on the Rock. This room was completed in 1985 and extends 218 feet and hovers 156 feet over the Earth below. This photo is important because it describes how the architect used his point of view to make it look like the room went on for infinity. The House on the Rock is a huge building where there are multiple displays ranging from; a house built on a rock, giant carousel, old vehicles, giant whale, and holds the largest display of Santas in Wisconsin. This picture describes how each of the rooms is different and represents itself.
The room is designed to show the most light and have the illusion that the room will go on for an infinite distance. The amount of windows is suppose to show go into greater detail of that illusion in the respect that the room has 3,264 windows. A quote to fully describe not only this room but the entire company is, “We were creating entertainment. We were not making a historically accurate representation. There was never any need to worry about historical accuracy. We were creating a fun place.” This means that the building was created to amaze people, not exactly create a museum. Overall, the Infinity Room is in the first section of the tour and is the outline to define what else is to come on the tour.

Balousek, Marv (1990). House of Alex. Oregon, Wis.: Waubesa Press. ISBN 1878569066.


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