January 14th 2017, 4:39 pm. This picture was taken on Fish Trap Lake in Boulder Junction Wisconsin. The back story behind the actual shot is that we were cozy in our little cabin and did not realize what time it was. At about 4:30pm she tells me that she wants to get some sun set pictures. So, we hurry up and get all of our warm gear on because the sun was already setting so we would have to go father cross the lake to see the beautiful sunset colors. We then jumped on the snowmobile and travel about half a mile in about 30 seconds (we were going about 70mph across the lake) to get to the location. After all of the commotion we were able to achieve about 15 decent shots in the 10 minutes we were standing in the frozen tundra. It was a fun experience and will not ever forget it.

The thought behind the picture is that she is a beautiful girl that has lost her way, but does not care because she is wanderlust. She wants and is achieving all of the traveling lifestyles that she has seen on tv, pictures, and movies. The woman is staring off into the sunset and finally realizes its beauty. Its warm pink and orange colors provide the earth and her eyes with a sense of warmth that she can feel nowhere else. The landscape in the background is of equal importance to this piece because it defines the similarities of her and land. The metaphor of this is that even though she is on the water she is always growing like the trees and is just trying to survive another day.



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