Survival of the Fittest


January 15 2:54 pm Boulder Junction, Wisconsin

The frozen landscape in front of the sun is a small non-motorized lake known as Oswego Lake. The picture came into frame because of a snowmobiling ride that was just being completed. The small detour to the small lake off of the trail was well worth the trip. The different color oranges and yellows contrast so well with the exposure of the picture due to the snow.

The story that this landscape creates is more in the foreground rather than the background. When a person typically looks at a sunset picture their eyes directly go to the different colors and shades of the sun, but this story is a little different. It is based on all parts of nature or in other words the trees in the picture. The way the trees have grown in this scene describe the story. According to Darwin’s theory of evolution it is a harsh world to survive in and is described as survival of the fittest. So the question is, why are these trees standing in front of the lake the best thing for that environment.

Now do not get me wrong I am no botanist so I do not have the answer for you, but nature growing in certain areas have always interested me in the aspect that a tree will move in a certain direction to get the most sunlight and how the adaption of some trees have made pines and other leaves. Both are shown in this example and prove that this environment is suitable for multiple species.

The photo is called Survival of the Fittest because the tree that has fallen over is starting to die if not already dead and another species will take its place and try to outlast the others around it. Overall, Nature has its own way of developing to become a better structure.


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