River Sunrise


At 7:28 a.m. in Wisconsin this picture was taken. Since this is a new blog I will summarize what will be explained. The summary of the picture will be explained and what the thought process of the overall picture.

River Sunrise – This was taken at Currie Park in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin in between the dog park and golf course in the area. The importance of the location is that it the river is a division of personalities. The golf course shows a luxury lifestyle, while the dog park shows a different side of interactions between mammals. The branches show that each other side wants to have what the other wants. This shows the metaphor that “the grass is always greener (or in this case snowier) on the other side. To go into greater detail of the process of the story that the picture told was unfolded as the sun was rising. This created a greater shadow over the water, which symbolized how even though things looked brighter, the sense of desire to have something was greater than the current lifestyles each side had. The want to have something different will always be a human characteristic, because people are determined that there is a better life for them somewhere else. Whether it be a better job, relationship, or overall environment. However, this can be shown that the sun is a realization that during the passing of your life, just like a sunny day, a person’s emotions and feelings can be brighter even though the surface underneath is a dark shadow. In conclusion, the thought process of this picture is to describe the differences in lifestyles and that even though it may seem better on the other side, the sun will always rise and make you appreciate what you have.

Daniel Peyer


Photo by: Peter Forret


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